Noelle Rigaudie

Born in France, Noelle Rigaudie has always been drawn to museum artefacts and unique furniture of the French monarchy. The history of objects and their significance to her cultural heritage has become a key narrative in her practice. Guéridons, empire tables, vases and chandeliers are reimagined through the contemporary lens and the use of cardboard. By changing the purpose of the material and manipulating its sculptural and physical qualities, Rigaudie creates cultural artefacts that transcend time. Cardboard obtains a new materiality as Rigaudie breaks down its original structural integrity through the process of rubbing, layering and folding to discover new form. 


Noelle Rigaudie exhibitions include: Antropologies, New York; The Beresford Hotel, Sydney; Finders Keepers; Artisans of the Garden; Domestic Living (The Society Inc by Sibella Court) The Rigg Design Prize, National Gallery of Victoria, 2018; Sydney Contemporary, Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert, 2019; The Art of Dining, National Gallery of Victoria, 2019.