Angela Valamanesh is a leading Australian ceramist, born in Port Pirrie, South Austalia in 1953.  A graduate of South Australian School of Art in 1977 her practice primarily involved ceramics.  In 1993 she completed an MA in Visual Arts at University of South Australia and a PhD in 2011. She was awarded an Anne & Gordon Samstag International Visual Art Scholarship with a one year residency at Glasgow School of Art in 1996.  


Her practice has broadened to include a wider range of media and a number of collaborative public works with Hossein Valamanesh such as An Gorta Mor 1999 (The Great Irish Famine Memorial) Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney and 14 pieces, 2005, North Terrace, Adelaide. 


As an artist, Valamanesh is known for her intricate ceramic works but she also makes work on paper, board and mixed media. Recent works consist of simple forms that make links between plant, human and animal. For Valamanesh, inspiration comes from the diversity seen in nature. Simultaneously, her in-depth research of such forms reveal similarities in patterns that allow her to create work that offers insight into the natural world. The works that she creates are familiar, yet not completely recognisable.