Complexities of contrasts both in colours and textures drive David in his pursuit of immense visions in furniture design. The overwhelming desire for balance, control, presence, and overall complimentary connections of materials ensures a piece blooms on its own, holds its space with a quiet confidence, as well as bringing intrigue and subtleties. The ability to draw one in to investigate more to truly understand the artist’s imagination, visions, ideas, and respect to the piece.
David believes respect for the material is just as crucial in good design, for the beauty of the
character is the soul of the piece. Also, one must be highly critical of all past and present design ideas to ensure their ideas add value both visually, functionally, as well as evoking a greater sense of understanding and appreciation. David believes a story to tell, an experience, gives a piece deep substance rather than just being an object. Life is about storytelling, sharing experiences, creating understanding, evoking thoughts, and celebrating existence, and that is what David hopes to achieve in his furniture.
The natural world has played a pivotal role in David’s understanding of sense of inclusiveness of all things. How colours, blend seamlessly and gently, like shades of greens, but at the same time, contrast erratically for intense effect, like a flower, or both, like the pattern markings of a feather. Textures are just as interesting and important to David as the extra dimension captivates a desire for intrigue into such complexities and varieties of structures.
David lives by the fact every piece could be his last and we must be constantly challenging and pushing ourselves and our capabilities to produce the most comprehensive pieces we can.