Don Cameron is an Australian director, designer and visual artist. Graduating from Central St Martins College of Art, London with 1st Class Honors, his career began as a director of music videos, creating defining works for British recording artists Pet Shop Boys, Garbage and Blur. His filmography has become the subject of exhibitions and in the case of Blur’s ‘Music is my Radar’, archived in the permanent collection of the British Film Institute. Working in the world of material culture has produced a devotion to outcome and a symmetrical high standard of idea and technique. Cameron’s film oeuvre engages architecture, objects and furniture to compose compelling visual narratives. Crafting unique atmospheres through mise–en–scène has been central to his practice as has his influences, rooted in the obscure, marginalized and aberrant.


In 2010, Don Cameron’s auteur approach to film crossed mediums to find concrete form in the built environment. Translating knowledge, he approached the design of interiors and objects with a film vocabulary which endowed spaces with instant histories through his understanding of object and emotion; architecture and memory.


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