Sabine Marcelis

Sabine Marcelis is a Dutch designer who grew up in New Zealand and currently runs her practice from the harbour city of Rotterdam. After graduating from the Design Academy of Eindhoven in 2011, Marcelis began working as an independent designer within the fields of product, installation and spatial design with a strong focus on materiality. Her work is characterised by pure forms which highlight material properties.


Marcelis applies a strong aesthetic point of view to her collaborations with industry specialists. This method of working allows her to intervene in the manufacturing process, using material research and experimentation to achieve new and surprising visual effects for projects both showcased in musea and commissioned by commercial clients and fashion houses. Marcelis considers her designs to be true sensorial experiences and not simple static works: the experience becomes the function, with a refined and unique aesthetic. 


Marcelis recently won the prestigious Design Prize 2019 in the 'Newcomer of the Year' category and the Elle Deco International Design award 2019 'Young Designer of the Year'.