Andre Bahremand

Andre Bahremand is a young designer originally from Perth, Western Australia. After moving to Melbourne in 2016 he completed his Master of Architecture at the University of Melbourne.  In 2018 he moved to the Netherlands to work at internationally renowned architecture firm MVRDV. Through his time in the Netherlands Andre refined his design sensitivity and returned to Melbourne to explore his own work through furniture design.  

Andre has always had a strong interest in material exploration.  His work aims to take the mundane and transform it into something unique that both challenge the viewer and create a sense of unimaginable possibilities, a sense of awe. "I hope my work challenge the viewer and demonstrates new possibilities that have not yet been explored. I want people to not just view my work but interact with it. Coming from an architectural background I am interested in the intersection between people and the object."

Layman's throne is a piece inspired by renaissance sculpture. The design intent is to encapsulate the natural lightness and flow of the fabric whilst simultaneously expressing the structural capabilities of concrete. It is the contrast of these materials which create something completely unique. The piece juxtaposes the everyday materials with a regal form that redefines how we think about material expression. 

In 2018 Andre worked at international firm MVRDV, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. During his time at MVRDV he worked on many international projects including the Southbank By Beulah competition, Melbourne, Australia; A proposal for the European Union, Brussels, Belgium; A façade design for a high-end fashion brand on First Avenue, New York; residential project in Mumbai, India and a Residential tower in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.