Guy Keulemans and Kyoko Hashimoto

Guy Keulemans and Kyoko Hashimoto met in 2000 and have developed their careers together since. They were Resident Artists at Rooftop Studios in Berlin (2010) and JamFactory in Adelaide (2015) and collaborated on the concept and design of the studio/gallery We Are All Made of Stuff, also in Berlin. Since 2016 they have renewed focus on their collaborative works with multiple aquisitions by the National Gallery of Victoria in 2017, 2018 and 2019. They also work together through Guy's experimental design research and curation on repair, reuse and sustainable futures, such as Object Therapy with Hotel Hotel, funded by a Federal Visions of Australia award to tour around Australia.

Their work proposes ethical and aesthetical challenges to paradigms of material practice in art, craft, design and industry - especially for those materials that dominate 21st century existence: plastic, concrete and fossil fuels. They create objects that address existential threats posed by globalised resource extraction and advocate for new forms of sensory engagement with materials. Kyoko and Guy have a love for historical and critical discourse and position their works as tools to open up discussion around objects that transition between exhibition, commercial and domestic spaces in relation to the senses and the body.