Kristen Wang is an award winning designer and graduate of architecture, based in Melbourne, Australia. After completing a Bachelor of Architecture (Honours) at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom, Wang continued her studies to complete her MA of Architecture at the University of Melbourne. Since beginning her journey in architecture and design, Wang has worked in architectural studios such as Bandesign Architect (Japan), and taught multiple fields at the University of Melbourne including digital fabrication and technical skills. 


In 2018, Wang opened her own design studio with a focus on materiality, functionality, sustainability and aesthetics. A major feature of her studio involves fully biodegradable furniture pieces made from coffee ground waste. 


One of her most significant works is the Re.Bean Coffee Stool. The stool explores a brand-new sustainable material for furniture pieces from locally collected coffee ground waste and other coffee industry waste. The project features not only a unique smell and tactile materiality from coffee, but is also its 100% biodegradability - generating no waste to our natural environment.


It is a 100% sustainable and biodegradable design furniture that is handcrafted from locally collected used coffee ground waste - imagine how the coffee waste from your favourite cafes can become your favourite furniture pieces and damage no more our natural environments! Additionally, rather than incorporating another unsustainable material for structure supports, Re.Bean Coffee Stool is one of the first sustainable and also biodegradable pieces created entirely from the same material and itself structurally sound.