Born in South Africa, Heidi Melamed currently lives and works in Sydney. Melamed's practice focuses on form, colour and light, through a dialogue between geometric and organic forms, surface and luminous colour, artificial and natural light. Traversing the boundaries of painting, photography and sculpture, to create table top structures and wall pieces. She has degrees in graphic design, a Master of Art from UNSW Art & Design, and a Master of Fine Art from the National Art School.


"Primarily, I explore what it means to paint with light. My painting practice also focuses on form and colour. Traversing the disciplines of painting and sculpture, I create table top structures, wall pieces and installations. 


My obsession with the parabolic shape underpins the design nature of my studio practice. Using the parabola as a visual tool, I explore the creative possibilities of this shape. Using mixed media, like Perspex, glitter and LED neon as a drawing tool, I attempt to bring light into and onto the colour, delivering colour in interesting ways. The glow of neon, reflected light and shadow become 'fugitive' colours that flow across space, activating surfaces with colour. Using techniques of layering, overlapping and translucency, all contributes to the materiality of my work and are a strong characteristic of my style. 


How we see and respond to colour in a world where meaning has shifted from the object to the experience forms part of an ongoing investigation. I encourage the viewer to contemplate the agency of colour in the world, discovering their own sense of being, looking and perceiving. Essentially my practice delves into one's interaction with colour - how we perceive, interpret and experience colour and light, encapsulating ones' joy of seeing.”


- Heidi Melamed


Melamed has been a finalist in the Waverley Art Prize (2018, 2016, 2015), Mosman Art Prize (2020, 2015) and Blacktown City Art Prize (2020, 2012). She had an inaugural solo exhibition at Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert; Light Interplay (2020). Melamed has also exhibited in the following group shows at Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert; Conversations & Collaborations (2020), Opening Exhibition (2019), Sydney Contemporary (2019), EMANATEat The New England Regional Art Museum (2019), 1919 Salonat Galerie Pompom Sydney (2019), Postgraduate Exhibition the National Art School (2018). Selected other group shows include Saint Cloche, Paddington; 220 Creative Space, Kings Cross and AD Space, UNSW Art & Design. Melamed participated in The Other Art Fair, Sydney in 2016 and was an Artist in Residence at Moriah College, Queens Park in 2016.