Trent Jansen

Trent Jansen Studio is a design practice based in Thirroul, Australia, under the direction of designer and academic, Trent Jansen. Trent has developed a unique style of design, known in his studio as Design Anthropology. This method was devised to move design beyond the stark pragmatism of Modernism and its incongruence with the beautiful imperfection of humanity. Instead Design Anthropology focuses on these imperfections, studying the history and culture of human societies and taking design inspiration from the rich stories that punctuate human heritage. The products, furniture and interiors that result from this design method are richly symbolic, and tell innately human stories. Objects and spaces designed by Trent Jansen Studio explore the unique identities of individuals, families and communities, embodying engaging narratives that excite with their exoticism, or comfort with their familiarity. Every project developed under this model is designed to speak to its owner on an emotional level, becoming an important artefact in the life of the owner, and forging a long-standing, meaningful relationship with that individual, family or organisation.