Trent Jansen and Johnny Nargoodah


Johnny and Trent met during Fremantle Arts Centre's 'In Cahoots'. This Australia Council for the Arts and WA Department of Culture and the Arts funded project commissioned Trent and Mangkaja artists to produce a body of collaborative work for the highly successful 'In Cahoots' exhibition at FAC in November 2017. The Jangarra Armchair, created by Johnny and Trent for In Cahoots, is currently being processed for acquisition by the NGV.

Johnny and Trent began to collaborate in isolation, experimenting with leather, a material that has been formative in the working lives of both designers. Johnny worked as a saddler on cattle stations in the Kimberley region, using traditional techniques to cut, stamp and form leather. Trent has experimented extensively with animal pelts, using industrial precision to generate forms that emulate Australian mythical creatures. This collaborative journey gave Johnny and Trent a glimpse into the potential for innovation in sharing their disparate understandings of leather, and both designers are compelled to push these early studies further.