Michael Gittings grew up in Albury, NSW. Nearly every weekend until he was 16 was spent in The Victorian High Country fishing, camping and exploring. Michael has always been curious about nature and the built environment with a strong interest in architecture, not just the design of buildings but the methods used to construct them. He completed a trade apprenticeship in Roof Plumbing and worked in the construction industry full time until a 6-month trip to Europe in 2014. A dormant appreciation of art was awoken while in Europe and the seeds of creative pursuit were sown. Upon returning to Australia Michael started pursuing several different creative outlets including music and instrument making ultimately settling on furniture design.

Michael's current practice is deeply intuitive, focusing on metals and their properties. He is interested in the myriad of treatments and technologies employed by industry to form and finish metal products, some of which are at the very forefront of modern science while others have been around for millennia. The forms in Michael's works are influenced by the different techniques used to create them. While some techniques involve meticulous planning and construction, others require no previous plans or sketches. His work is a constantly evolving dialogue between artist and material.