Opening Exhibition: Group Show: A taste of what's to come

Opening Exhibition
Group Show, Aug 9 - Sep 22, 2019


The gallery’s first exhibition, starting the 9th of August 2019 – is a group show representing the work of the gallery's 29 artists, including works by designers such as Trent Jansen, Michael Gittings and Darren Fry, and visual artists such as Marion Borgelt, Jacky Redgate, Sally Smart and Makiko Ruyijin. 

Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert exhibits a unique collection of limited edition or one-off collectable design pieces from Australian and New Zealand functional artists, exhibited alongside artworks by some of these country’s leading visual artists. 

Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert will curate and exhibit emerging through to established artists and designers, and demonstrate the importance of living with art and design together.