Finalist: Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize

Kyoko Hashimoto
Friday 3 June - Sunday 7 August 2022 
10am to 5pm daily
South Australian Museum
Coal Necklace (2022)
Coal is possibly the most contentious material of our time. A sedimentary rock formed 300 million years ago, now burnt in an instant. Coal charges me with emotion. From the challenge of obtaining it locally, through to working it, my relationship with coal has been one of respect. Coal has an unparalleled blackness, it is lightweight, but hard, requiring diamond tools to carve. Its beautiful structural irregularity presents grooves filled with shiny, crystal-like grains. Coal inspires me to imagine the geological forces of the earth, the massive compression and time it took to create, buried within the ground.
Coal, oxidised sterling silver
By Kyoko Hashimoto, South Australia
June 3, 2022
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