Live Auction Event: Transformative Repair x ADC

Sally Dan-Cuthbert

Where: Australian Design Centre, 101 - 115 William St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010
When: Thursday 9 June, 6-8pm


Sally Dan-Cuthbert × Liz Williamson - with Tulla Carlson

Master weaver Liz Williamson and collaborator Tulla Carson were tasked with the challenge of restoring two extraordinary ’Plan-o-spider’ chairs owned by Sydney gallerist Sally Dan- Cuthbert. These chairs, designed in France by Hoffer and manufactured by Plan in the 1950s, presented a range of technical challenges. With the assistance of Nicole Robins and Chris Hitch, Liz and Tulla built on their provenance and stretched the boundaries of restoration with new materials and a colour palette that brings these once disintegrating chairs into the 21st century. Liz then used the scrap elastic from the old webbing to create a series of elegant weavings, challenging the expectations of what can be done with waste.


Promoting the value of reuse and repair:

On Thursday 9 June 2022 Australian Design Centre will host an auction of creatively repaired broken objects. A selection of emerging and leading Australian artists, designers and craftspeople were commissioned to reinterpret these objects using innovative approaches to repair and reuse. The objects were provided by notable climate change activists, creatives and champions of design from Sydney and the Illawarra.


From 2 - 10 June 2022 this exciting and eclectic mix of objects will be on display at the Australian Design Centre.


Hugo Gruzman × Kyoko Hashimoto - with Ebony Satchwell
Tim Flannery × Illiam Nargoodah
Edra & The Campana Brothers × Adam Goodrum
Bianca Spender × Lucy McRae
Sally Dan-Cuthbert × Liz Williamson - with Tulla Carlson
Yael Stone × David Caon


Lead Research Investigators, Guy Keulemans and Trent Jansen developed the project to test new models for the sustainable use of materials and products and establish new opportunities for consumers and collectors to thoughtfully repair their broken things. With the aim to expand the market and value of transformative practice, this project imagines a more sustainable design future.


LOT  1 ,2,3, 4 - for Auction

Liz  Williamson 

Transformed Plan-o-spider chair webbing ‘Woven Plan-o- spider cord’, 2022

415 x 604 x 50 mm

$1,900 - $2,500 each 



Associated Event:
Transformative Repair x ADC: Floor Talk
Join us to preview the auction items for a Floor Talk with the curators and designers.

When: Saturday 4 June, 2-3pm
Where: Australian Design Centre

May 31, 2022
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