Izabela Pluta - Geography of Space, Archaeology of Time

Australian Centre for Photography, October 1, 2020

Izabela Pluta


Each year the ACP facilitates a dialogue between an Australian and an international artist with the aim to foster and expand meaningful creative engagement within a global network.


Izabela Pluta (Sydney) and Utako Shindo (Tokyo) have been ‘in dialogue’ over the past year exchanging their unique perspectives and approaches to image-making.


Meeting in Melbourne, Sydney and Tokyo, they have been open to each other’s nuanced understanding of place, and its complex articulation through photographic thinking and practice.

Both poetic and analytical, the work of the two artists actively engages with translation, mutation and fragmentation. In an attempt to suspend geographical specificities and fold time, they have utilised material traces of the past and fused them within a contemporary experience of place.

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