Reimagine Art Prize Finalists, Hornsby Shire Council

Edward Waring + Guy Keulemans and Kyoko Hashimoto

Wallarobba Arts and Cultural Centre

4 June, 2021 - 20 June, 2021


Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert Finalists 

- Edward Waring: Omega 3

- Matt Harkness, Guy Keulemans, Kyoko Hashimoto: Polylactic Acid Chain #2


About the Art Prize  

It’s that special time of year once again when environmentally friendly artists compete for Hornsby Shire Council’s Remagine Art Prize.

Remagine is currently calling for entries, with $11,000 in prize money.

The theme this year is “Fast fashion, fast food, fast running out of resources”.

“This is always a highlight of the Shire’s cultural calendar and we look forward to it every year,” Hornsby Shire Mayor Philip Ruddock said.

“There are few better ways to speak to the community than through art.

“The goal is no longer convincing people that there is a threat; everybody is aware of that.

“The goal now is to convince people that there are alternative ways we can live, allowing us to achieve a more sustainable existence on this planet.”


There are three categories this year:

  • Digital Art – Stills
  • Mixed Media 3D/Mixed Media 2D
  • Painting/Drawing/Printmaking.


May 23, 2021
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