Kristen Wang, Winner

VIVID Design Awards 2019
Kristen Wang, Winner


Kristen Wang has won two awards under VIVID 2019 for Re.Bean Coffee Stool. She takes home VIVID Award for Concept Design and the Austhentic Design Australia Award of Merit. 

Re.Bean Coffee Stool explores a brand-new sustainable material for furniture pieces from locally collected coffee ground waste and other coffee industry waste. The project features not only a unique smell and tactile of its materiality from coffee, but also its 100% biodegradability - generating no waste to our natural environment. Vivid is Australia's longest running design competition. 2019 marks the 16th anniversary of this highly anticipated industry platform, which shines a spotlight on our emerging furniture, lighting and object designers. Vivid had kick-started the careers of many prolific Australian designers and is recognised as an important destination for both the local and international design industry.

August 6, 2019
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