29 JANUARY - MAY 23 2021


From 29 January until 23 May 2021, visitors to Museum JAN will be treated to the wonderful universe of Rive Roshan. Divided over the various exhibition spaces of Museum JAN, the duo will create three immersive experiences that challenge our perception of space, light and time. At times you won’t even realise what you are looking at! Natural effects such as ripples in water, wind-shaped patterns in sand and magical reflections of light are closely resembled by the experimental and highly refined use of everyday materials. This creates visual and spatial meditations that shift our perspective on the world.


The work of the Amsterdam-based studio Rive Roshan forms a contemporary connection between the unique permanent collection of international glass art of Jan van de Togt, the founding father of Museum JAN, and the broader vision behind the museum’s programming to unlock art and culture as an essential part of society. The basis for all this is amazement. “We feel our role as artists and designers is to offer people a new and inspiring narrative to build a progressive future” say Ruben de la Rive Box and Golnar Roshan.

January 29, 2021
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