5 MARCH -11 APRIL 2021


Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert is proud to announce the upcoming exhibition of Izabela Pluta, Variable Depth, Shallow Water, in Malta 2021. This is the first time the artist will exhibit in Malta. 


Dwerja, also known as the Azure Window, is a recently collapsed sea stack on the island of Gozo that entranced Pluta, capturing her attention as one of the world’s most significant examples of geological time. The limestone rock, originally 28 metres tall, now lies 12 metres below sea level. This concept of time, the slow and instantaneous changes in nature and its uncertainty informs the artworks in Variable Depth, Shallow Water. The exhibition features a variety of images, video, objects and sound including corrupted data filmed using a drone lost at sea and subsequently retrieved.


Pluta’s interest in ruins is evident in her previous works, defining them as “visual depictions of estrangement, separation and detachment from the flow of time”. The metamorphosis of ruins, changing from their original form and becoming a new entity, captivates Pluta. She notes that the history of these ruins alongside their new forms are symbolic and can transport viewers to new places. The feeling of transportation created by the ruins, as represented in her artworks, is informed by her own journey as a migrant to Australia, “my work might articulate the idea of being from somewhere else”.

March 5, 2021
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