Ivana Taylor

Ivana Taylor is an artist who creates tactile and functional sculptures focused on the relationship between textiles and timber. Playing with these relationships, Taylor’s practice distills the process, texture and aesthetic qualities that have evolved from a long-standing fixation on wrapping. Her sculptures are both fascinating and intriguing in form and colour. Taylor’s knowledge of fabric dying results in beautiful soft colours which enhance the form. She has furthered her interest in sculpture by introducing light to emphasise the juxtaposition between the opaque and translucent.   


Taylor’s furniture designs are often heavily textured, reflecting the role of visually and physically textural objects, to encourage presence by engaging multiple senses. The principles of design-for-disassembly are equally influential to her practice. Using continuous knotting and wrapping to attach and remove upholstery, results in furniture that can be used in its naked form or re-wrapped, engaging a ritual process of binding textile flesh to timber bones. 



After graduating from UNSW with a Bachelor of Design & Art Education (Hons), Taylor was accepted into the highly selective Associate Program at JamFactory, Adelaide, where she spent two years evolving her practice in the furniture studio after which Taylor decided to stay on and live in Adelaide and set up her studio. 


Taylor has had work featured in Denfair 2019 and 2020, Melbourne Design Week 2020 and 2021, Wallpaper* magazine’s Graduate Directory 2020, was listed in Vogue Living's VL50 list, Vogue Australia, Green, The Local Project, Belle, Real Living and Garland magazine features, as well as exhibitions at JamFactory and the Australian Design Centre. Taylor was among 20 emerging designers selected for the Discovered Project with The American Hardwoods Export Council and Wallpaper* Magazine, which was exhibited in the Design Museum, London. Taylor has exhibited in solo and group shows with, and is represented exclusively by, Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert, Sydney.