Ivana Taylor

Ivana Taylor is a textile and furniture designer who combines textiles and timber to create beautifully tactile designed objects that are functional but also abstract and intriguing. Coming from a surface pattern design background, her practice developed from 2D to 3D sculptural textiles and objects whilst studying a Bachelor of Design and Art Education (Honours) at UNSW Art & Design, achieving the University Medal for Design. After being selected as an Associate in the Furniture studios at JamFactory, Adelaide, Taylor began building her furniture design and making skills whilst appropriating and pushing the sculptural limits of traditional textile techniques. Playing with the relationship between textiles and timber, masculine and feminine, strength and softness, Taylor's practice distills the process, texture and aesthetic qualities that have evolved from a long-standing fixation on wrapping and binding. Her furniture designs are often heavily textured, reflecting a fascination for the role of textural objects like furniture, to promote kinaesthetic learning. The principles of design-for-disassembly are equally influential to her practice. Using continuous knotting and wrapping to attach and remove upholstery without toxic adhesives and metal components, results in a timber seat can be used in its naked form or re-wrapped, engaging the same ritual process of binding the textiles flesh to the timber bones. Taylor's narrative design pieces are also influenced by her work as a secondary school design teacher and university research assistant in the ways she seeks to explore how objects can be educational and evocative of the narratives and places that inspired them.