Powerhouse Sydney Design Week 2022: Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert is pleased to participate in two exhibitions during Powerhouse Sydney Design Week.

15 - 22 September 2022 

Don Cameron, 20 Mclachlan Avenue , Rushcutters Bay. 

Don Cameron’s photographic explorations of some of the darker traces of Europe’s recent past are carefully emptied of the historic context that could give them a specific meaning but they are full of suggestive atmospheric effects that make us want to speculate about how these extraordinary objects came to be made.


It is an approach that gives all of them another more universal, and timeless meaning, which Cameron has now drawn on to design an uncannily atmospheric series of objects that test the boundaries between art, design and sculpture, much like the work which is the subject of his photographs.


Cameron has worked to translate the atmosphere his images have captured from one medium into another, and from one category to another. A building is translated into a photograph, which in turn becomes an object. Design, architecture and sculpture merge imperceptibly one into another. 

Text by Deyan Sudjic

In-Conversation, Don Cameron and Stephen Todd. 
Tuesday 20 September, 5:30-6:30 pm, Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert. 

New Australian Design, Curated by Emma Elizabeth, Powerhouse Museum 
New work by some of Australia’s finest designers and makers, curated by cross-disciplinary designer/creative director Emma Elizabeth of Local Design.

Elizabeth’s Local Milan initiative (2016 – 2019) saw her coordinate the conceptualisation, production and exhibition of more than 40 Australian designers at the Milan Furniture Fair. For SDW2022 Emma once again brings together designers from across Australia in New Australian Design.

Twenty established and emerging designers working across disciplines including industrial, limited-edition, graphic, sound and spatial design have been invited by Emma Elizabeth to create new work responding to the theme ‘Making Now’ – marking this moment in time and indicating the way forward in design.

Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert artists' included are: Ivana Taylor, Tarryn Gill, David Tate, Edward Waring and Olive Gill-Hille.