NGV Welcomes the Inaugural Melbourne Design Fair - Don Cameron

Holly Beadle, Est Living, March 1, 2022

Presented as part of Melbourne Design Week, the National Gallery of Victoria and Melbourne Art Foundation bring us Melbourne Design Fair, a commercial showcase of limited-edition design pieces from leading contemporary Australian designers. 


Making its debut on March 16, 2022, Melbourne Design Fair will pay homage to more than 100 established and emerging contemporary designers from across Australia. An initiative by the NGV, in collaboration with the Melbourne Art Foundation, the five-day long event breaks new ground in the presentation, promotion and sale of collectable Australian contemporary design pieces. All works are one-of-a-kind and will be available for purchase to Melbourne audiences.


Staged across two platforms, PRESENT and SELECT, the Fair offers a unique opportunity for designers, galleries, design organisations, agencies, studios and collectors to come together in one place. PRESENT comprises presentations by thirteen of Australia’s most reputable galleries, design organisations, agencies and studios, including Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert, Jam Factory, Modern Times and Christopher Boots. SELECT brings together more than thirty-five Australian design creatives in a presentation led by the NGV’s Hugh Williamson Curator of Contemporary Design and Architecture, Simone LeAmon.  


We spoke with gallerist Sally Dan-Cuthbert about the significance of Melbourne Design Fair for galleries like her own. Sally maintains it’s “an exciting opportunity for artists to showcase their extraordinary talent outside our galleries and, more broadly, for collectors to understand what is available in Australia”.


Experience Melbourne Design Fair March 16 – March 20 at Warehouse 16, 28 Duke Street, Abbotsford.

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