Birds and Language

Fernando Do Campo

Exhibition opening Friday 27 August  6-6.30pm

 28 August  - 14 November


The exhibition Birds and Language brings together Australian artists who explore the language of birds. The works are speculative; they suggest a radically different approach to understanding and presenting the colours, forms, sounds and behaviours of birds and reimagining humanity’s relationship with non-human life. 


Artists include Glenn Barkley, Barbara Campbell, Fernando do Campo, Eugene Carchesio, Ashley Eriksmoen, Emily Floyd, Danie Mellor, NOT, Raquel Ormella, Deborah Porch, Joan Ross, Laurens Tan, John Tonkin, Jenny Watson, Louise Weaver, John Wolseley, Liam Garstang, works from the Wollongong Art Gallery collection and more.


August 27, 2021
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