WINNER - 47th Muswellbrook Art Prize 2020— Painting Prize

Marion Borgelt's Moon's Shimmer: No. 1 is the winner of the 47th Muswellbrook Art Prize - Painting Prize. Marion Borgelt's mesmerising Moon's Shimmer: No. 1 joins the Muswellbrook Shire Art Collection.


My sculptural paintings, of which 'Moon’s Shimmer: No. 1' is an example, have been developed over the last 17 years. The idea of optical illusion and optical kinetics have been of key importance to me and I have explored this theme through a number of different creative processes. In 'Moon’s Shimmer: No. 1', my aim was to create a mesmerising effect that flickered and shimmered like a ‘moon river’ on the ocean’s surface. Using a technique of finely cutting, twisting and pinning the strips of Belgian linen in such a way that the artwork appears to shift and change I am able to create a play of light that engages viewers as they walk past the artwork



April 2, 2020
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