Edward Waring is a multidisciplinary artist based in Sydney, Australia. Waring works with a variety of found materials; including glass, Meccano and abandoned children's dolls. His practice seeks to evoke nostalgia in the viewer, asking to reconsider the past and reconnect with objects that once held significant meaning, resurfacing forgotten feelings.


Currently, Waring is utilising vintage crystal and cut glass, repurposing and altering the once cherished tableware to create pieces that require the audience to re-explore what could be considered old fashioned or 'passé'. Waring's work reclaims old traditions and old fashioned ways of life and creates a space for them in the contemporary. His use of tableware once saved for 'best' in households gives new life to forgotten pieces, and asks the viewer to reflect on feelings of childhood, memory, and family.


Waring's works are included in important private and public collections, both nationally and internationally, and has exhibited at both The NGV Melbourne Design Week and The Art Gallery of New South Wales.