Trent Jansen and Johnny Nargoodah - A Cross-Country Collaboration Between A Saddler + A Contemporary Furniture Maker

Sasha Gattermayr, THE DESIGN FILES, June 17, 2020

At first glance, a saddler from a remote region in Western Australia and an avant-garde object designer from coastal New South Wales wouldn’t appear to have a lot in common. But after first meeting in 2016, Johnny Nargoodah and Trent Jansen found a way to fuse their specific skills to produce unbelievable experimental furniture, that crosses country and cultures.


Partu (the Walmajarri word for ‘skin’) is Johnny and Trent’s latest collaboration of conceptual leather furniture. Crafted over 18 months, the pair traded ideas, designs and skills across the thousands of kilometres between Johnny’s home of Fitzroy Crossing in Western Australia, and Trent’s in Thirroul on the New South Wales coast. This project pushed the parameters of traditional collaboration, and yielded these completely original collections, as well as a life-long friendship.

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