Saturday the 9th of November 4 - 5 pm


Join us in the gallery for a walk around the exhibition and hear from Michael on how he cleverly manipulates stainless steel in different ways to create his stunning works.


Michael Gittings pursues material experimentation without being bound by context or theme. Each work is an example of Gittings's intimate knowledge of his chosen material and his skill to push it to its limit. Each piece is an extension and evolution of the piece that precedes it. The result, in Gittings's first solo exhibition, is a collection of works that are of the same genus and yet each is its own species. The mirror-polished stainless steel that inspired this exhibition is warped and tested to its extent. It goes from being an instrument of honesty to a poser of questions. The reflection is broken up into unexpected discrete units. An atomisation occurs which ends up causing the observer to question themselves as well as the piece that they are viewing.

November 7, 2019
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