During a year of 'new normals', where support and friendship have meant more now than ever, our artists have joined up to create new work together. 


Darren Fry in collaboration with Ivana Taylor, Sally Smart in conversation with Lisa Reihana, Jacky Redgate in collaboration with Narelle Jubelin, Guy Keulemans and Kyoko Hashimoto in collaboration with Matt Harkness, Trent Jansen in collaboration with Johnny Nargoodah, Heidi Melamed in collaboration with Noelle Rigaudie, Tarryn Gill in collaboration with David Tate, Olive Gill-Hille in conversation with Rochelle Haley, Ruben de la Rive Box in collaboration with Golnar Roshan, Holly Board in collaboration with Peter Grove, Yusuke Takemura in collaboration with Abdullah M. I. Syed, Damien Wright in conversation with Izabela Pluta, Abdullah M. I. Syed in collaboration with Ben Rak